There’s nothing a serious marketer hates more than guesswork, yet ever since the first flyposting’s first appeared in Europe in 1500s, out-of-home marketers and retailers have had to rely on manual counts of traffic past their billboards and shopfronts – a method not much better than guesstimating – until the recent arrival of Sophic street tracking and analytics.

  • Would you benefit from an accurate, scientific validation of traffic numbers past a potential store?
  • Do you need to know, down to the T, how many people pass a particular billboard in 24 hours a day, seven days a week – within a 100-metre radius of the location?
  • Will understanding the average dwell time within a store or billboard range help your decision making?
  • Do you need to know the growth potential of passing traffic – both vehicle and pedestrian?

Accurate, scientific street tracking and analytics

In one recent project, Sophic was asked to measure foot and vehicle traffic past a particular location that a major retail food provider was considering leasing. A simple eyeball test, still the de facto measurement for many, yielded 300 cars in ten minutes, which equates to a reach of 34,560 for a 12-hour period between 8am and 8am – a figure that is almost 20,000 short of the real number.

Sophic technology was used to determine that the actual average reach for the 12-hour period (8am – 8pm) was 55,620. Then Sophic went further, and provided hard data showing that:

  • A comparison with council numbers from three years ago shows a 38% increase in traffic;
  • Traffic numbers were consistent across Monday through to Friday;
  • Behaviour is consistent in the morning but varies after 10am Monday to Friday;
  • Saturday has the highest reach for the entire week, but Friday is the highest weekday;
  • Wednesday sees the least number of people in the area at lunchtime, while Friday has the most (followed by Thursday); and
  • People tend to work shorter days as the week progresses.

Sophic’s simple design interface and powerful analytics helps marketers, corporate executives and retailers make more informed decisions based on access to data and analysis of foot and vehicle traffic on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, across multiple locations.

The technology is particularly useful for:

  1. Out-of-home (OOH) advertisers;
  2. Anybody leasing or buying retail property who needs to know pedestrian and in-vehicle traffic;
  3. Executives who would benefit from accurate knowledge of numbers of people outside a storefront, people in-store and point of sale traffic numbers;
  4. Retailers who want to better street to point-of-sale conversion; and
  5. People who need to make operational decisions around a particular location.

If you’re interested in making accurate, data driven decisions to maximise the return on your outdoor marketing spend, or if you need to determine the viability of a particular retail location, talk to us about how our actionable data and analysis can help you.